How We Can Help You

How we do it - our systems and personality

Yes we will:

We actively promote a culture of acknowledging the importance of the Clients needs and expectations and will go out of our way to ensure we not only achieve these but do more. 

Management Structure:

Each company contributes to the consortium to keep the management structure lean but effective,  call on the resources of its member companies when needed. 


The group has locations in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Norfolk allowing us to effectivley serve a wide market

Joint Ventures:

All companies offer total cross company support and where required their services can be amalgamated to provide a total packaged service. This can be sourced internally with the client only placing one single order.

Our Staff:

Besides acknowledging the importance of our clients and suppliers, we also are proud of our staff and ensure they are properly trained, developed and kept informed as we truly believe that as a team we achieve

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Clayton Penistone Group, Westhorpe Works, Penistone
South Yorkshire United Kingdom S36 7EY

T: 01226 763130
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